Expandable Rainbow Tennis Bracelet Rose Gold 
  • Expandable Rainbow Tennis Bracelet Rose Gold 

Expandable Rainbow Tennis Bracelet


Stretch Rainbow Sapphires Tennis Bracelet 

Available in white, yellow, rose gold

S Small Size Cm 16,50 a 21,50        83 Rainbow Sapphires carats 2,75-3,40

M  Medium Size Cm 17,50 a 23,00  87 Rainbow Sapphires carats 2,90-3,50 

L Large Size Cm 18,20 a 24,50     94 Rainbow Sapphires carats 3,10-3,70

Gold g 15,00 approximately


Gold color
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Rosè
Lenght Cm
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Thanks to a patent spring system these rings and bracelets from our OneSize Jewels® Collection doesn't need claps.

  • The result is a easy to wear bracelet collection.

  • This spring system which is sucessfully tested is used for the eternity and rings from our Stretch Collection too to get the ultimate ease of use.

All products are all handmade, for this reason the weights of the materials used and the measurements may be slightly different from what is indicated 


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Expandable Eternity Rainbow...

Eternity Rainbow Sapphire Ring

  • Available in White, Rose, yellow gold

33 Sapphires carats 1,03 -1,10

S  Small Size     da 48 a 55

M  Medium Size    da 52 a 59

L  Large Size     da 55 a 62

Gold g 4,36 approximately 

1W896R 1AK96R8 4067119877837


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Tennis Diamond Expandable...

Grab and wear Diamonds Tennis Bracelet

Get the ultimate ease of use, no clasp.  It's Expandable, it stretches 

S Small Size Cm 16,50 to 21,50        83 Diamonds  G color : carats 2,40

M Medium Size Cm 17,50 to 23,00    70 Diamonds  G color : carats 2,50

L Large Size Cm 18,20 to 24,50         75 Diamonds  G color : carats 2,70 

Gold g.14,50 approximately

5B017W, 5A915G, 5A915R

5B017W, 5A915G, 5A915R

5A915W, 5B153R, 5B159W

5A915W, 5B153R, 5B159W


Expandable Diamond 2.50...

Grab and wear  diamond tennis bracelet. It's Expandale, Stretch, Flexible.

  • Available in white, yellow, rose gold

S Small Size Cm 16,50 to 20,00     77 Diamonds "G" color carats 2,30

M Medium Size Cm 17,00 to 21,50 79 Diamonds "G"color carats 2,40

L Large Size Cm 17,50 to 22,50      84 Diamonds "G"color carats 2,46 

Gold weight from g. 15,50  approximately


Two and a Half Carat...

Grab and wear diamond tennis bracelet. Stretch Technology,  New design.

Available in white, yellow, rose gold

80 Diamonds 'G' color carats 2,35 - 2,50

Regular size once wear Cm 17,00 max length Cm 21,00 (in 6,70-8,30)

  • Online only