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There is so much technology in a 'ONESIZE JEWELS' collection

These unique pieces of Art have inside a Brand New INVISIBLE technology that make them Stretch to be worn without a using a common lock And they fit all.

The ONESIZE Project

Never in trouble with ring size and bracelet length problem thanks to Onesize Technology!

There is So much technology in a jewel of ONESIZE collection. At a first glance it seems “just” a jewel. It isn’t! These unique pieces of art have inside a Brand new technology that make them Stretch to be worn without a using A common lock. And they fit all.

SuCh aMazinG CollecTIon has NO comProMiSE. It miXes tecHnoLogy, cRaftsMansHip,uNiQUEness aNd tHe exTraordiNary ItAliAn deSign. aLL tHe bEst. Only thE beSt.

eAsy to Use. eAsy to Wear. Easy to Fit with a ForMal Or CaSUAl Look. In The morNing, in ThE afTerNOOn, iN The EveniNG… MAke Your Choice, ‘cause ONe SiZe fiTS All!

LuXury is a sTate of Mind. iT is a waY of lIfe. a Matter of Fact whEN usiNg tHe moSt prEcious mATerials, geMstones, craFtsmaNship, tRaDiTion. OnESize Have it All.

pRoudlY Italian. pRoudLy MaDE in iTaly. pRoudLy MadE in ValenZa, onE of the Most anCienT anD sKillED plAces in Italy for sTaTE oF thE Art jeWELry.

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