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Eternity Ring Expandable...

Easy to wear Eternity Stretch band

  • Available in White, Rose, yellow gold

    Half stones setted 

  • Gold 4,90 approximately

  • Grab and Wear
  • S   size 48 to 55 Us 4¼ to 7¼    
  • M  size 52 to 59 Us 6 to 9    
  •  size 55 to 62 Us 7¼ to 10  
  • Sizes above 52 are obtained by adding lucid gold elements


Eternelle Ring with Black...

Un simbolo di unicità:

  • Design unico e raffinato
  • 1,10 carati di Diamanti Neri
  • 4,90 grammi di oro 18 carati (bianco, giallo o rosa)
  • Made in Italy
  • Realizzato a mano con materiali naturali
  • Dimensioni: disponibili nelle misure S (48-55), M (52-59) e L (55-62)

One Carat Rainbow Sapphires...

  • Adjustable ring with 33 multicolored Sapphires 1.03-1.1 carats.
  • Available in 18k white, yellow and pink gold.
  • Handmade in Italy with high quality sapphires.
  • Unique and customizable design.
  • Perfect gift for any occasion.

1W896R 1AK96R8 4067119877837

1W896R 1AK96R8 4067119877837


Symphony of Shades:...

- An explosion of color and light -

  • Available in yellow gold with yellow sapphires or pink gold with pink sapphires 
  • Adjustable ring with shaded pink or yellow sapphires
  • Available in 18k yellow or rose gold
  • Sapphires: 33 stones, total carats 1.03 - 1.10
  • Gold: approximately 4.55 grams
  • Sizes: S (48-55cm), M (52-59cm), L (55-62cm)

Expandable Brilliance:...

Express your style with our Onesize Jewels® Expandable Band

Created to fit your finger perfectly, this jewel in yellow, white or pink gold weighs approximately 5.20 grams, enchants with 17 Champagne diamonds of 0.55 carats.

With an innovative patented system, this wedding ring offers unparalleled fit and timeless luxury.

Ideal for modern women seeking exclusivity and comfort. Free shipping in Europe.


One Carat Champagne...

One Carat Champagne Diaomonds Eternity Stretch Ring

  • Easy to wear 
  • Gold g. 4,90
  • S  Small      size 50 to 58 Us 5¼  to 8¼    
  • M  Medium size 52 to 62 Us 6 to 9¾    
  •  Large      size 57 to 65  Us 7¾ to 11  


Eternelle Ring with Pink or...

  • Adjustable ring with pink or blue sapphires
  • Available in white, yellow and rose gold
  • Made with 4.90 grams of 18k Gold and 1 carat of high quality Sapphires
  • Unique and refined design, perfect for special occasions

Expandable Half Round...

Timeless refinement

the Expandable Half Round Ring with Champagne Diamonds by Onesize Jewels®. An excellent statement of style, embellished with 17 Champagne Diamonds set with burnished and eye-catching claws in yellow or rose gold.

Made with yellow or rose gold, this wedding ring exudes charm and sophistication, perfect for adding a touch of discreet luxury to your everyday look.

The weight of 4.12-4.15 grams gives substance and grace to the jewel, while the 17 Brilliant Champagne , set with lucid or  burnished and eye-catching claws, add a note of warm brightness.


Onesize Jewels® Eternity...

Show off eternal sophistication with our 'Eternity Half Round Ring with Black Diamonds' from Onesize Jewels®.

Developed to give you an exclusive sparkle on every occasion, this ring is the symbol of timeless elegance.

Made of 18-carat white, yellow or rose gold 6.15 gr., this creation boasts a refined design embellished with 11 sparkling black diamonds for a total of approximately 1.30 carats.

Join the classy women who choose our made in Italy jewels to define their impeccable style.

4R, 1J211R, 1J211W, 1N623W


Black Diamond 0.85 Carats...

Onesize Jewels® presents its Half Round Black Diamonds Ring, an iconic jewel that embodies the essence of contemporary style.

Made of 18-carat white, yellow or rose gold 6.80 gr., this creation boasts a refined design embellished with 15 sparkling black diamonds for a total of approximately 0.85 carats.

The eye-catching prong setting highlights the dark beauty of the stones, creating a luminous and sophisticated effect.

Free Shipping in Europe!

1N548W, 1J210W, 1J210R, 1


✨ Dance of Light:...

Let yourself be enchanted by the brightness of this wedding ring with half a row of black diamonds. Made of 18-carat gold (approximately 5.45 - 5.60 gr.) with a choice of white, yellow or pink, its 15 Black diamonds 0.95-1.05 carats) enhance your beauty with a touch of class and refinement.

  • S  Size     48 to 55
  • M  Size    52 to 59
  • L  Size     55 to 62 

  • New

Ring with Sparkling...

Immerse yourself in timeless elegance with our Half Round Expandable Band. Undisputed splendor and unparalleled adaptability come together in this extraordinary jewel.

Made with 5.20 grams of white, yellow or rose gold and embellished with 17 half-carat diamonds, each detail is an ode to perfection. Its revolutionary patented internal spring system allows for effortless adjustment, adapting gracefully to each finger.

A declaration of eternal love or a symbol of timeless occasions, this ring embodies limitless beauty.