Expandable Tennis Bracelet Two and a Half Black Diamonds Carats White Gold 5B159W
  • Expandable Tennis Bracelet Two and a Half Black Diamonds Carats White Gold 5B159W
  • Expandable Tennis Bracelet Two and a Half Champagne Diamonds Carats Worn Model 5A915W, 5B153R, 5B159W

Expandable tennis bracelet champagne or black diamonds

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Onesize Jewels® brings a whisper of class to your world with the new Expandable Tennis Bracelet.

Handmade for women who are not satisfied, this jewel is available in 18k white, yellow or rose gold approximately 15 gr., and is adorned with approximately 2.40-3.10 carats of meticulously chosen champagne or black diamonds, which give a touch of sophisticated originality. p>

With its free shipping in Europe, Onesize Jewels® promises not just an accessory, but a permanent style statement.


Gold color
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Rosè
Diamond color
  • Black
Lenght Cm
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Expandable Tennis Bracelet with Champagne or Black Diamonds

The artisanal precision of Valenza gives life to the Onesize Jewels® Expandable Tennis Bracelet, an ode to authentic beauty for the woman who prefers discreet but incisive luxury.

Designed with 15 grams of 18k gold and decorated with a choice of 83-94 Champagne or Black Diamonds, this bracelet offers a total of carats that varies between 2.40 and 3.10, creating a play of light and shadows that will capture every glance.

The mastery of our craftsmen is reflected in the perfection of the wire claws which increase the brilliance of each individual stone. The innovative claspless design is a celebration of comfort and beauty, allowing the bracelet to fit harmoniously on any wrist, from a size of 16.50 cm to 24.50 cm, highlighting the collaboration between form and function.

Imagine slipping into your evening with the elegance of black diamonds or the warm brightness of champagne diamonds, every detail of the bracelet is designed to accommodate the contours of your life and your most precious celebrations, from birthday to anniversary.

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  • Material: Yellow or Rose Gold
  • Gold weight: 15 g
  • Stones: 83-94 Champagne or Black Diamonds, set with wire prongs
  • Carats: between 2.40 and 3.10
  • Measurements:
  • S Small       size from 16.50 to 21.50 cm with 83 ct stones. 2.40-2.70
  • M Medium   size from 17.50 to 23.00 cm with 87 ct stones. 2.70-2.85
  • L Large       size from 18.20 to 24.50 cm with 94 ct stones. 2.80-3.10
  • Patented internal spring system for adaptability to any finger size
  • Artisanal creation by master goldsmiths from Valenza

**The weights indicated are approximate, as the products are handmade from natural materials.**


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