Tennis Stretch Bracelet Three Diamonds Row Rose Gold  5E256R
  • Tennis Stretch Bracelet Three Diamonds Row Rose Gold  5E256R
  • Tennis Expandable Bracelet Double Diamonds Row Worn Model 5E256G 5E256W 5E256R

Expandable Eternity Bracelet with Triple Row of Diamonds: An Eternity of Light on your Wrist

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Embrace the magic of eternity with our Expandable Triple Row Diamond Bracelet.

An ode to timeless sophistication, where the light dances on your hands in an enchantment of gold and diamonds, perfect for those seeking the quintessence of luxury and originality.< /p>

Each bracelet is handmade by our expert goldsmiths from Valenza, expertly intertwining three rows of white diamonds, color G, for a total of 7.70-8.50 carats (the number and carats vary based on the size) in 34 grams. of white, yellow or rose gold. The light reflects on every facet, creating a play of glare that captures attention and enchants.

Gold color
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Rosè
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Expandable Eternity Bracelet with Triple Row of Diamonds

this bracelet features 237-258 white diamonds color G, set on 34 gr. of 18k white, yellow or rose gold, for a total of 7.05-7.65 carats (the number and carats vary based on the size). A riot of light that captures attention and enchants.

Elegance without borders

Thanks to our innovative patented internal spring system, the Triple Row of Diamonds Expandable Eternity Bracelet adapts perfectly to every wrist, ensuring comfort and safety. Forget about uncomfortable clasps and jewels that don't fit perfectly: this bracelet is ideal for those who want an elegant and versatile accessory that accompanies them on every occasion.

A Symbol of Eternal Love

The Triple Row of Diamonds Expandable Eternity Bracelet is a perfect gift for any special occasion: a birthday, a name day, a wedding or engagement anniversary. A precious jewel that is handed down from generation to generation, a symbol of infinite love and unparalleled refinement.

An Italian Luxury Masterpiece

Each bracelet is handcrafted with the finest materials and impeccable workmanship, encapsulating the essence of Italian luxury. Its timeless beauty and unmistakable brilliance make it an exclusive accessory that will never go out of fashion.


  • Material: 18k white, yellow or rose gold
  • Gold quantity: 34 gr.
  • Stones: White Diamomds color G
  • Stone number: 237-258 
  • Total carat: 7.05-7.65 carats
  • Cut of the stones: brilliant
  • Colour of diamonds: G
  • Available sizes:
    • S Small size     from 16.50 to 21.00 cm with 237 diamonds ct. 7.05
    • M Medium size from 17.40 to 22.00 cm with 246 diamonds ct. 7.30
    • L Large size     from 18.20 to 23.80 cm with 258 brilliants ct. 7.65
  • Patented internal spring system for a safe and comfortable adjustment
  • Handmade in Italy

**The weights indicated are approximate, as the products are handmade with natural materials.**


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