Expandable Tennis Bracelet Three Rows One Diamonds  Two Blue Sapphires  White Gold
  • Expandable Tennis Bracelet Three Rows One Diamonds  Two Blue Sapphires  White Gold
  • Tennis Expandable Bracelet Three Diamonds Row Worn Model

Brilliant Expandable Tennis Bracelet with Double Row of Blue Sapphires: An Embrace of Light and Color on your Wrist

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A masterpiece of light and color to celebrate every special moment

This splendid Expandable Tennis Bracelet with Diamonds and Double Rows of Blue Sapphires by Onesize Jewels® is the perfect choice for women who love to stand out with elegance and refinement.

A timeless design, unparalleled elegance

In the center of the bracelet shines a row of 82 white diamonds of 2.10 carats, which capture the light and reflect it in a thousand facets. On the sides, two rows of 164 blue sapphires of 5.90 carats and 32 g. of yellow, white or rose gold give the jewel a touch of intense and vibrant colour. The stones, set with wire prongs, guarantee unparalleled brilliance and an enchanting sparkle.

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Expandable Tennis Bracelet with a Row of Diamonds and a Double Row of Blue Sapphires

Immerse yourself in timeless luxury with the Expandable Diamond and Blue Sapphire Bracelet by Onesize Jewels®.

Constructed with artisanal care in 32.00 grams of gold, available in  white, this piece exclusive captures attention with a central row of 82 white diamonds of 2.10 carats, surrounded by two rows of 82 Blue Sapphires, for a total of 164 stones and 5 .90 carats. Each stone, fixed with wire claws, emanates a unique splendor and an incomparable brightness.

The adjustable design, with an innovative patented internal spring system, ensures a perfect fit for every wrist. Without a clasp, this bracelet offers unparalleled comfort and effortless elegance.

Add a touch of sophisticated sparkle to your look with the Expandable Diamond and Blue Sapphire Bracelet by Onesize Jewels®.

Choice of 18k gold: pink, yellow or white

The bracelet is made of the highest quality 18k gold, available in pink, yellow and white variants to suit every taste and style. The choice of gold color enhances the shades of diamonds and emeralds, creating a unique and customizable jewel.


  • White diamonds: 82 stones, G color 2.10 total carats
  • Blue Sapphires: 164 stones - 5.90 total carats
  • 18k gold: pink, yellow or white
  • Weight: 32.00 grams
  • Made in Italy
  • Handcrafted
  • Expandable
  • Measurements:Standard worn: 17.00 cm extends up to 22.00 cm
  • Without closure

**The weights indicated are approximate, as the products are handmade with natural materials.**


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Exalt your style with the Expandable Tennis Bracelet by Onesize Jewels®, an icon of Italian elegance.

Handcrafted in Italy with 16.70 gr. of white, yellow or rose gold, this exclusive bracelet is adorned with 90 Marquise-cut diamonds, for a total of approximately 2.80 carats.

With a fit extendable from 17.00 to 26.00 cm, it offers impeccable comfort.

Every detail, from the elegant prongs to the carefully selected stones, reflects the high-quality craftsmanship and timeless design of Onesize Jewels®.

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