Expandable Tennis Bracelet Two 'n' Half Diamond Carats Rose Gold
  • Expandable Tennis Bracelet Two 'n' Half Diamond Carats Rose Gold

Expandable Diamond 2.50 Diamond Carats Tennis Bracelet

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Available in white, yellow, rose gold  Gold weight from gr. 15,50  approximately

  • S Small Size Cm 16,50 to 20,00     77 Diamonds "G" color carats 2,30
  • M Medium Size Cm 17,00 to 21,50 79 Diamonds "G"color carats 2,40
  • L Large Size Cm 17,50 to 22,50      84 Diamonds "G"color carats 2,46 

Gold color
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Rosè
Diamond clarity
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Expandable Tennis Bracelet in Gold and Diamonds, weight of Two Carats

Onesize Jewels ®: Comfort and Security in a Unique, Versatile Bracelet, No Clasp Needed

This extraordinary expandable tennis bracelet is meticulously crafted in 18-carat white, yellow, or rose gold, adorned with a total of two carats of brilliant diamonds. Each diamond is delicately set with elegant prongs, creating a captivating, sparkling effect. The bracelet boasts self-adjusting length, ensuring a perfect fit for every wrist size, with a grab-and-wear design for immediate wearability, no clasp needed.

An ideal gift for those who appreciate elegant and sophisticated jewelry, perfect for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries. It's also suitable for everyday wear, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your style with the grab-and-go simplicity, no clasp required.

The bracelets from the prestigious OneSize Jewels® collection feature an innovative patented system of internal springs, making them easily adjustable and adaptable to any wrist size. A perfect blend of comfort, versatility, and security, ideal for an elegant lifestyle.

High-Quality Materials and Artisan Craftsmanship

Each jewel from the OneSize Jewels® collection is masterfully crafted in 18-carat white, yellow, or rose gold and adorned with carefully selected diamonds. The artisanal craftsmanship ensures a product of the utmost quality and a design that stands out, complemented by the grab-and-wear convenience, no clasp needed.

The Advantages of a OneSize Jewels ® Jewel

  • Comfort: Easily adaptable to any wrist size, providing optimal comfort.
  • Versatility: Suitable for everyone, regardless of wrist size.
  • Security: Patented internal spring system ensures secure adjustment.
  • Quality: Meticulously crafted with high-quality materials for lasting elegance.

Choose Onesize Jewels ® for a Unique and Comfortable Jewel

Onesize Jewels ® bracelets make the perfect gift for those who appreciate the fusion of fashion and quality. With their unique design and the convenience of an adjustable grab-and-wear system, they become the ideal accessory for everyday elegance, offering immediate wearability without the need for a clasp. Elevate your style with Onesize Jewels® - where style, comfort, and security meet seamlessly.

**Weights are approximate, as products are handmade with natural materials.**


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